Updates and events

October, 2010.

The REWARD project is testing and demonstrating the size reduction and separation of WEEE in its broadest sense. The main problem has been and still is the separation of polymers, more specific the type of polymer. Present processing of polymers is very limited. The results of REWARD are confidential to the partners. Some of the results are public. A presentation of a small part of the results was held in Chania, Crete (www.hwm1.tuc.gr) at the 2nd International Hazardous and Industrial Waste Management Conference held on 5-8 October, 2010 in Chania, Crete.

September, 2011.

REWARD project meeting for partners planned end of September.

October, 2011.

Presentation at the Sardinia 2011 Symposium. 13th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium. 3-7 October in S. Margherita di Pula, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Dr Menad will hold a presentation of a selection of the results of REWARD. For information: info(at)sardiniasymposium.it

Important events

April 17-19, 2012, Aachen.
Sensor Based Sorting in Aachen. For information: www.ifa.rwth-aachen.de. This conference is organized by TU-Aachen and GDMB. A workshop is held during this conference by REWARD in cooperation with SATURN (http://www.saturn.rwth-aachen.de/)