BRGM – Orleans - France

BRGM is France’s leading independent public institution in the Earth Science field for the
sustainable management of natural resources and risk assessment. It was established in 1978 and has now more than 800 employees. BRGM has conducted numerous demonstrations on household, industrial and mining wastes.
The expertise of the department of environment in BRGM is in the area of physical,
physicochemical and biological processes. This expertise is focussed on recycling, waste
management and mineral processing. A major portion of the activity of BRGM is the
demonstration of separation processes for slags (stainless steel), bottom ashes, fly ash,
polluted sludges, municipal wastes, recycling of auto shredder residues (ASR), recycling of
electric and electronic wastes (WEEE) and recycling of CDW.
Dr. Nourredine Menad will direct the BRGM input.