PHB-Recycling B.V

Plastic Herverwerking Brabant B.V. (PHB) was founded in 1987 and is currently a daughter of
Van Gansewinkel, a large waste processor and recycler in the Netherlands (third largest in Europe). The company has a polymer processing line in Waalwijk (NL). Up to 60% of the input material stream is recovered in marketable polymer classes of more than 99% purity.
This line was developed based on the ongoing WEEE recycling project (SECURE) funded by SenterNovem regarding polymer separation from WEEE.
Van Gansewinkel and AVR develop new innovative processing lines for waste polymers,
packaging, electronics, non-ferrous metals, waste glass, incinerator bottom ashes, waste wood, fluorescent lamps, batteries, household waste, construction and demolition waste, refrigerators and end-of-life vehicles. They have experience with multiple waste streams and they have facilities all over Europe, e.g. WEEE processing at Recydel in Liege (B).