Recycling Consult B.V.

Recycling Consult B.V. – Eindhoven – the Netherlands. Recycling Consult BV is a spin-off from Delft University of Technology. Recycling Consult is a research and technology development company established in 2005 and specialised in the development of unit processes for solid waste materials. The company now also is the coordinator of MOSS, a project to develop conversion of sewage sludge into fuel gas using supercritical gasification at 300 bar and 600°C.
The company completed a large WEEE recycling project (SECURE) funded by SenterNovem, the Dutch financier of environmental projects, in the field of high speed sensing and sorting development of WEEE plastics. Ir Jan van Houwelingen is the director of Recycling Consult BV conducting numerous recycling processes that are also incorporated in this project. Promikron was the participant and coordinator in REWARD until February 2011, and Recycling Consult the subcontractor. After the withdrawal of Promikron, Recycling Consult took over partnership and coordination.

Recycling Consult B.V. is specialized in the recycling of electronics (WEEE), demolition waste (CDW), waste glass processing, batteries, polymers, recycling of cars (ELV), household waste, waste incineration, processing of bottom ashes, sink float metal sorting, waste wood, metallurgical copper treatment, precious metals in scrap, metal smelting.